Skein Syndrome


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Released by ViciSolum Productions, Sweden

““Skein Syndrome” is so incredibly complex and varied, that you can see exactly why it would take so long to write and record such a beast.” – Metal Temple (world), 10/10

“”Skein Syndrome” is the kind of exciting progressive album that entertain and challenge you at the same time. An album so good, that it seems it was worth seven years of waiting for it to arrive”. – Rocking (GR), “The best album of the first half of 2016”

“All I can say is, invest and give them the opportunity they deserve, because their “Skein Syndrome” can be compared only with a beautiful poem. So far, for me “Skein Syndrome” is the peak of 2016.” – Greekrebels (GR), 9,5/10

“Listening to “Skein Syndrome” is a delightful experience that travels you in incredibly beautiful dimensions. Fortunately there are bands like Poem who can deliver to us such outstanding music. ” – Metalzone (GR), 95/100

” A truly matured work that fully justifies the time elapsed until its creation. I was pleasantly surprised, the album is an enjoyable progressive creation for all kind of listeners. Looks right in the eyes bands like Votum or Leprous (random examples of high quality prog. metal) and in my consciousness, Poem should feel proud of their creation” – Rockway (GR)

“A victorious return for Poem. Melodic, dynamic, essentially technical, emotional, “modern ”, but in a classical way, grows inside every time someone listens to it. An album which touches the ideal.” – Rockoverdose (GR), 90/100

“An excellent album which has honestly been spinning on my systems since it arrived. There’s something really catchy about the tracks. They are not just simple compositions that are throwaway, they require proper listening. There are plenty of intricacies that become clear just as you are thinking about something else you have just heard. So, put the album on another spin cycle and hear something in a different light. It’s a joy to be refreshed again.” – The midlands rocks (GB), 8,5/10

“A wonderful work, with both catchy and musically challenging elements. The Greeks have found a great balance between powerful and atmospheric in compositions that “camp” in someone’s mind.” – Metalfan (NL), 8,2/10

“A modern progressive masterpiece, which thankfully breaks the mould of a lot of modern progressive music. Too many have fallen into the trap of being progressive, but very formulaic, but Poem have avoided that completely, keeping a fresh sound and style.” – DPRP (NL), 8/10

“Prog metal is not always easy and that’s a good thing. “Poem” have created their own sub-genre and they released an album, which is expected to enter in other circles of attention.” – Be subjective (GER), 4/5

“These are the kind of albums the metal scene needs in order to move forward” – Metal Hammer (GR), 9/10

“Professionalism, tight executions and quality of interpretation are a characteristic of a truly impressive work in the field of domestic metal.” – Progrocks (GR), 9,5/10

“A great album and well worth a listen for fans of prog and those who fancy something different!” – Ave Noctum (UK), 8/10

“Stirring, atmospheric and highly emotional!” – (GER), 8/10

“Beautiful compositions! POEM already delivered one of the best albums of 2016 in its style!” – Rockportaal (NL)

“Solid handcraft!” – Scream Magazine (NO), 4/6

“An extremely cool mixture of alternative rock, metal and prog!” – My Revelations (GER), 11/15

“A steaming and varied album!” – Metalfactory (CH), 8,1/10

“Full fat riffs, groovy drums and dynamic vocals – this band is an excellent addition to the genre where bands like Karnivool, Tool or Katatonia operate!” – Aardschok (NL)

“Highly recommended for everyone into progressive music!” – Kalle Rock (GER)

“‘Skein Syndrome’ is an album that gives the Greek progressive scene one very good reason to be proud!” – Rockyourlife (GR), 8/10

“Extremely well-made compositions! A travel into beautiful dimensions!” – Metalzone (GR), 95%

“Reminds on bands like Tool or Soen! Highly recommended to discover!” – Musika (B), 85/100

“POEM’s new album is highly interesting and exciting!” – Felvideki Rockmagazine (HU), 9/10

“This band strikes a really good balance between progressive, rock and heavy elements!” – Metalbrothers (E), 8,5/10

“Absolutely great, interesting and timeless music! Recommended!” – Zephyrs Odem (GER), 8,5/10

“Lovers of high-quality progressive metal need to hear this!” – White Room Reviews (NL)

“Prog metal with many variations!” – Dioses Del Metal (E), 8,1/10


released March 17, 2016


all rights reserved



POEM Greece

Our 3rd album’s title is “Unique” and it was released on the 23rd of February, by the Swedish label “ViciSolum Productions”

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Track Name: Passive Observer
acting like an innocent, a different cause of action
all kinds of harm to yourself, (to) observe your passive life

want me to break down feelings away, sorry but I won’t again

shot off vital aspects of soul, you are not your life's director
to fulfill an active role, and grow your god inside

we’re falling down, we’re down and out,
why act this way, signs say go

as if you're running in a horror film
only director turns the inside out
he's to judge when the tale will end your role
he defines in the script your bottom line

what if books are lying
what if prayers and words and colours are not alive
moral heights are gone, and that fake injustice won't come
what if days are drying
empty pages reflect your life time
buried in seconds, forcing the blame
passive observer you step in yourself
so alone
Track Name: Fragments
snakes crawling, birds falling, whales trembling
I don't wanna see the end
and when the ground is shaking, ocean awaking
time goes by, there is no fucking turning back

I’m waiting in line to sacrifice myself
nature will retrieve it, in the end we'll prevail

words of pain you complain, the world is gone
a prison cell will be your home
and all the souls and victims, look at the symptoms
humans will return, but they will never ever learn

I'll try to kill the pain in vain
it’s not what I deserve again

my own demise...

I can't take you, stare at yourself in the mirror,
fucking your priest, he's not your savior,
passing the bridge like you've given up
this is your chance to the world
your life will now be completed
and why don't you leave them alone now
tell them to run, tell them to do what you did

spinning in my head it all comes around
what you thought dead it haunts you for years
fighting with your god, it's all over now
face what you did, you are going all down
Track Name: The end justifies the means
I'm lookin’ for doubts to describe our moments
to combine them and I rewind
time collector I am, I feel oblivion so close
you filled my life with a breath
and helped me find a pulse,
now I’m just a ghost
what if I am thirsty for games with words
to convince you please, please stay
but this love wastes away and it takes long to change
cause you led me in rules,
now you broke all my dreams and I’ll never…
you tear me apart, I’ll never… oh I‘ll get away
what if I try, what if I stay away, justify me and I, I'll rise
in this love that we came, pretty girl with sad eyes
we did know from the start that our
beautiful sun will be destined to die
blank page project the last remnants of our prophecy
I’ll write
please take care of yourself, the sky is not that grey
not so easy for me to listen to
but so easy for you to say
sorrows left long ago, now they' ve come back to stay
Track Name: Bound Insanity
like sand, fragile life can hover away,
materializin’, even my own soul for walls,
my life a cage

my smile's edges torn from ropes and nails
I grope my paralytic lips to count my bane

taste of bittersweet I'm lost and I'm crawlin'
why (inside) into mud and sand
from roots I can rise

behind your life's hive hide your real lies
suddenly a question penetrates your weltered mind:
“where's my pride ?”

westernizin' every motion shatter all of your pride
darkenin' the ground you lie, where's your pride ?

throughout the world great wings of night
obscured by moments tearing wind strikes (and)
illuminated, lighted from cold white and I am alive

taste of bittersweet I'm lost and I'm crawlin'
why (inside) into mud and sand
from roots I can rise (rise)
no one ever stares my passionless eyes (eyes)
piles of shooting stars are rockin' the sky
Track Name: Weakness
driving away thinking about the quarrels
I can remember my tears, my pain, my past
can never get ahead the anger, and the arrogance
the only to recall and still to go far away

is this like
falling to the river
nothing to confess to myself
nothing to remember
nothing to believe in my life
nothing but surrender

cause I am
getting off the river
I want to stand up and I fall
chaos will remember
wanna be reborn and I die
chaos and surrender

years passing by slave of your destiny
never to confess mistakes or imperfections

for whom I pray? I can’t obey,
but I pray for deliverance?
I set it aside oh! wicked man I feel
Track Name: Desire
redefine me, on a throne like valleys of gold,
engorge your greedy soul.

hope in mourning it's impossible, n' thoughts,
like drills my mind they bore.

searching angels, cutting off (their) feathers of gold
to fill my sense of god

waste an hourglass, staring sand reminds me of
all my drilling thoughts

your blood your skin your cries
disconnect, disrespect,
it’s all mine

don't forget that when you look up in the sky
your feet step on the ground

and with my pen scratching at the heart of life
signs the heart of life

inept, timeless purpose
life circle ends complete, unarmed
when I’m here you will be gone
Track Name: Remission Of Breath
Love's my hate, Hate's my sin, (I) asked my self: “has it grown in a year softer"
scared of the world I’ve made, precious gift, have I grown in a year harder
one more war, numbers of, dying for our makin' of everlast nation
As I glowed (in) ruddy shades, pulsing pain, makin‘ me fallin down

screamer sleeps inside, wherein the straight road no longer lay
I've come out to hide afraid of what our bodies made
one life's not enough to go against the one-eyed god
from the forgotten path I found myself astray

In need of war and battle
dance with virus of a lifetime
plaguing the world obstacle of
peace came when I lost my vital, my breath

War goes on, on without me
whispers on the disorder
talks to the dead, the dead instead of
triggering again the only path to lead us to the dawn

Everywhere reflected patterns thoughts of images and numbers
fillin' forms of adoration as we make a sorry nation
see how death has grown it's album I can see myself in this dream,
war between my virtue and vice

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